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My views on my opponents for the role of PCC

Emily Spurrel - Labour.

Emily was the Deputy PCC under the outgoing PCC Jane Kennedy. When Mrs Kennedy had a falling out with Labour Emily decided that she could no longer serve the people of Merseyside because the PCC was no longer a Labour Party member.

My question is why did she not remain in post and continue to challenge the PCC and Merseyside Police on your behalf instead of playing politics ?.

Why now should we trust her to do this ?.

I'm also mindful of the fact that Emily has been a councillor for some time within Liverpool Labour.

Can we trust Liverpool Labour with our Policing.

Bob Teesdale - Conservative.

I know Bob from years ago when we served in Sefton at the same time. He is a perfectly nice and reliable person however he standing as the Conservative Party candidate and as such we know that all of his policies etc will come from Conservative Party headquarters.

Kris Brown - Liberal Democrats.

Kris is standing on a pledge to remove the role of PCC and put it under the Metro Mayor because it costs £800,ooo +. This is a ridiculous stand point on several levels.

Firstly the predecessor to the PCC was the Police Authority, which cost up to £2,000,000 per year.

Next, the role of PCC sits with only 2 other mayors in the UK, Greater Manchester and London. In Greater Manchester the oversight from the Labour Mayors office allowed GMP to go largely unscrutinised so that over 90,000 crimes went unrecorded.

In London, again from a Labour Mayors office, we have all seen the reports of increased murders, shootings, knife crimes, robberies and all manner of violent crime, again due to lack of scrutiny of the Metropolitan Police.

Finally, when the role sits with a Mayor they have to nominate/employ someone to cover the role on their behalf and that person will need an office of staff to assist them, it will still cost the same. All that you have succeeded in doing is hiding the role behind the Mayor and reduced the accountability of the role.

More importantly by removing the role of the PCC you will take away the only voice of the Merseyside electorate in how our Police service is run.

Kris has also openly stated to Emily Spurrell in the presence of all the other candidates and the current PCC, "We all know you've already won this", implying that the people of Merseyside will just vote Labour no matter what. I would say why is he running and why did he use £5,000 of Liberal Democrat money to stand ?.

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