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Thank you to all my supporters

A massive thank you to 11,662 residents of Merseyside who voted for me as Police & Crime Commissioner.

I think that you can honestly say that you are the only people who actually read what the candidates were about and voted on policy not the colour of a rosette.

Unfortunately for those of us who believe that criminality should be punished and the Police should protect us and our property, we have been steamrollered by the Liverpool Labour machine, which does not care about you just what's in it for them.

How do we have a single party in power within Merseyside for decades that is involved in numerous corruption allegations, where millions of pounds of our money goes missing, an ever growing list of councillors suspended or arrested and more allegations coming out all the time ?.

As far as I'm concerned every single one of the people who voted for the Labour candidates for PCC, City Mayor and Metro Mayor are condoning the behaviour of Liverpool Labour and giving a green light to past and future corruption. Liverpool Labour now have total control of Merseyside yet again.

178,875 residents of Merseyside have, as far as I'm concerned, forfeited their right to complain about anything that happens within Merseyside politics.

How much of our money has to go missing, how many arrests or suspensions does it take before the people of Merseyside say enough. I wish I knew the answer to this but it seems at the moment like, help yourself no one cares.

The writing was on the wall when the government decided to make public their intention to send in people to oversee the running of the city. A decision which guaranteed that the Labour vote would come out in protest. I can only think it was a deliberate ploy of the Conservatives because at the moment it just doesn't make any sense.

I challenge any Labour supporter to prove me wrong.

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