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Why did the Tories not campaign on Merseyside

Something that I wondered about during the campaign and found out the answer to just before the vote.

Conservative HQ had told candidates for the big jobs, Mayor, PCC etc not to attack Liverpool Labours mishandling of our money, the corruption allegations, arrests and suspensions, but why ?.

Simple answer is usually the right one. Who controls the money in Merseyside?.

The Tory government brought in auditors and people to oversee the running of Labour governance in Merseyside pre the election so if any of the roles had gone to someone other than a Labour candidate they could not justify remaining and continuing with their oversight.

The Conservatives new that they had little chance of winning these votes.

As usual the good people of Merseyside wanted to say to the Tories " We don't want you here", but by voting en masse for labour it's exactly what they guaranteed.

To get rid of the Tories we had to vote, Independent, LibDem or Reform UK.

The only thing we ended up with is 3, very highly paid, Liverpool Labour puppets whose decisions and spending are now controlled by Conservative Party HQ.

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