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Malcolm Webster - POLICY DOCUMENT.

The following policy document aims to ensure that the office of the Merseyside Police Crime Commissioner fulfils the expectation of the public and the Merseyside Police to deliver a service suited to the needs of the whole of Merseyside and to scrutinise the actions, decisions and spending of the Merseyside Police Chief Constable

We Police with the consent of the public in the UK and a Police Officers primary role is to protect life & property and to maintain the Queens peace. It is time to return to those core principles and to Police for and on behalf of the people of Merseyside.

For too long now we have been Policing according to the political whim of whichever party is in charge, which has altered the Police and the service it delivers. This must change.

Putting victims first.

All victims of crime should be treated with fairness, equality and respect.

It is my intention that victims of crime should be at the heart of all investigations. At whatever stage, the investigation is at, I would require that the victim be contacted whenever there is a change in the investigation status or at least every 7 days to update them with the progress of the investigation, even if there is no change.

This should also include any charging decisions made by the Crown Prosecution Service, the courts and include the reasoning for their actions.

This would also include the people of Merseyside, via website or press release, when there is a case of misconduct in a public office, such as any investigation into Senior Police Officers, Council officers or the case of the current investigation into fraud within Merseyside Labour and the City Mayors office.

I will also work closely with victim charities, the Police and the courts to protect witnesses from intimidation and make the criminal justice system a safer place for victims to report crimes and attend court.

This has always been an issue that has been ignored or put into the too hard to do tray, but it is one that undermines our whole system and prevents the public from receiving justice in many cases.

Furthermore, as this is extremely important to me and to show my support for the many victim charities in Merseyside, I will commit to donating £1,000 from my Police & Crime commissioner salary each month to a different victim charity for the entirety of my tenure.

Neighbourhood Policing.

The current neighbourhood policing model does not work as can be evidenced by the feelings and comments of the public.

“You never see a Police Officer “.

“When was the last time you saw a bobby on foot “.

“The only time you see one is when they stop you or go flying past on their way to lunch “.

These are just a few of the comments made about current Policing in Merseyside.

In order to address this issue and change it, I will immediately work with the Chief Constable to return all but a small, dedicated group of neighbourhood Police officers in each area to uniformed duty patrolling the streets of Merseyside and increase the visible presence of uniformed foot patrols.

I will also require that more local Police enquiry offices stay open for longer hours and where possible 24 hours a day. These local offices have always acted as a part of the community support network and should be available to all.

In short. I want the Merseyside Police to deliver a prompt and effective service to all the communities of Merseyside, which should be the same for everyone.

Spending and procurement.

I will look at how Merseyside Police is currently spending in other areas such as investigative departments, specialist roles and headquarters to ensure that it is in line with the needs of the people of Merseyside.

In my opinion there are currently too many departments within Merseyside Police each with its own supervision and all of which decreases what can be spent on core Policing issues.

Where possible excess staff will be returned to front line Policing duties.

On procurement issues I will look to work with the Chief Constable and as many other local forces and Police & Crime Commissioners as possible to obtain the best equipment for our officers at the most cost-effective prices.

This will include uniform, PPE, buildings, furniture, technology, stationary, vehicles and any other large or regular purchases made by Merseyside Police.

Reducing the carbon footprint of Merseyside Police

Merseyside Police currently has a £4.5M fleet of vehicles. Many of these vehicles are absolutely necessary to serve the people of Merseyside and to protect them from those breaking the law.

However, some may not be, and I would work with the Chief Constable to identify where savings could be made and reduce the number and type of vehicle currently in use. A simple approach would be, is this vehicle required, if it is then would a more environmentally friendly vehicle be more appropriate. Wherever possible that vehicle would be replaced or removed from the fleet.

I would positively encourage Merseyside Police to reduce its printing and paper requirements, reducing its use of paper, print ink and machines.

Too many files and documents are printed off that could just as easily be viewed online. In fact, there should be little need whatsoever to print of any document that can be shared electronically, and I will encourage the use of more secure technology to achieve these savings.

Merseyside Police has a large estate of offices and buildings all of which require lighting, heating and maintenance. Many of these buildings stand empty at different times of the day and it is imperative that at these times lights, heating etc do not remain on constantly wasting energy and money.

In summary, Merseyside Police needs 

to return to its core values and principles of serving the communities of Merseyside equally and without fear or favour, ensuring the safety of the people and supporting victims first.

I will do everything I can to ensure that they deliver on this promise and hold the Chief Constable to account for any actions and decisions made by the Police.

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