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Election Counts in a Labour stronghold

I post this before the vote so that the usual suspects cannot accuse me of sour grapes etc but let's be honest democracy in Merseyside needs a complete clear out.

As I prepare to set off for my 2nd election count in 2 years I can't help but think what is the point.

I live in a Labour stronghold, St Helens, Merseyside where the son of a Corbyn ally was foisted upon us a few years ago. The son of a Sinn Fein mayor and from Northern Ireland representing an old mining town with many sons who have served in the armed forces, an ally of Corbyn who sits on a committee for Northern Ireland and never mentions our town in parliament.

You would think that, that alone would have guaranteed defeat but like I said a Labour stronghold where most people don't even look at the person, the policies etc that will represent them.

The Red rosette is all that matters.

I stood against him in 2019 for the Brexit Party and was able to take almost 5,500 votes from him. The Tory vote held and all of my votes were from ex labour supporters. Even combined our votes were still now enough to defeat him but he was not happy that so many voyers has turned against him.

I am from a labour voting family, ex miners and council workers, most will never vote Labour again.

Now I stand again against Labour, this time in Merseyside. A county that has been abused by Labour for decades, allegations of corruption are rife and over £100 million pounds would appear to be unaccounted for.

Again you would be right in thinking that this simple fact alone would make Labour unelectable in Merseyside but no, despite a few council seats being lost their vote has held up all over Merseyside ?.

Yesterday in a final 2 fingers to the people of Merseyside the Labour vote came out and elected Joanne Anderson to replace Joe Anderson (no relation) to be Liverpool City Mayor.

A 25 year old, new councillor, who has already run businesses which have gone into bankruptcy.

When you look at social media people are just stunned. Unless of course it is the Labour supporters who all say that its great that a 25 years old, black, female has been voted in. What the hell has her age, sex and ethnic group got to do with running a city like Liverpool.

Question it, if you dare, Sexist ! Racist ! Fascist !.

The politics of identity and division is the Labour way. I wonder how the elder states people of Merseyside view this, who will really be running city hall ?.

Now I head off to my own count for the Police & Crime commissioner, do I bother after the Mayoral vote.

Of course I will and if asked I will give a gracious speech in victory or in defeat. If the Labour vote has turned out and voted in the identity politics of the left I won't be surprised. Who knows maybe the Conservative candidate can break the stranglehold.

Sadly when you speak to people about the divisions in society they all say without exception that they do not agree with the identity policies of the left but when you ask who they will vote for ?, the reply is Labour every time. Why ?.

If the grip that Labour has on Merseyside is not loosened and the electorate continue to vote by tribal allegiances we will never see real democracy here.

Will we ever get truly fair governance across the whole county. I'll be interested in peoples views.

Wish me luck or not, but thanks for reading.

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